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Sales and delivery conditions (in English)

Afsnit i artiklen

General provisions

These sales delivery conditions apply to all deliveries from AV CENTER and therefore always constitute part of the basis for contract between the relevant AV CENTER department and the customer. Deviations from these conditions may only be made following a written agreement between AV CENTER and the customer. This shall also apply to any special delivery requirements from the customer in connection with order placement.


All items are offered subject unsold. Offers are valid for 30 days from the date of the offer unless otherwise specified in the offer.


All prices in offers/order confirmations are ex warehouse and excluding installation, VAT, insurance, shipping fees and environmental fees unless otherwise agreed. AV CENTER may change prices before delivery as a result of a change in purchase price, exchange rate increase, fees etc. associated with the delivery.


The payment term for customers approved for credit by AV CENTER is 14 days from invoice date unless otherwise agreed in writing in the offer/order confirmation. AV CENTER may request advance payment and/or partial invoicing if so indicated in the offer/order confirmation. If the payment deadline is exceeded, interest of 1.5% on the overdue amount incl. VAT will be charged per commenced month.


The following reservations shall apply unless otherwise specified in the offer/order confirmation. The prices are excluding 230V installation, PDS cabling, setting up of concealed routing as well as carpentry, painting or any other construction work changes. Software installation on the customer’s PC is not included in the price. Training on the use of interactive whiteboards is not included in the price.


Subject to the limitations that follow from mandatory provisions, AV CENTER retains ownership of the all that is sold until the entire purchase sum plus interest and expenses incurred are paid.


In connection with the delivery of products to the customer’s address, the responsibility for the products in question is transferred from AV CENTER to the customer and the customer undertakes to insure these until the ownership has been transferred to the customer, cf. the conditions relating to ownership.

Delivery time

The time of delivery is specified in the offer/order confirmation and is for reference. AV CENTER undertakes to take proper measures in order to ensure timely delivery. If, nonetheless, there are delays, the delivery date may be postponed by up to 30 days. If the delivery is still not made after this period, the customer may cancel the purchase.

Installation and schedule

If the customer changes the agreed installation time within 48 hours prior to the agreed time, AV CENTER reserves the right to invoice actual costs for time spent, transport etc. based on the current price list. It is assumed that there will be free and unobstructed access to the installation site at the agreed time for the installation. If that is not the case because other workmen are present or because the premises are not ready (dust-free), AV CENTER reserves the right to invoice actual expenses for the additional consumption. If there is an installation schedule, it shall constitute part of the basis for contact and will appear in the bid/order confirmation.

Product information

Product delivery includes user manuals and technical manuals from the manufacturer in Danish or English to the extent these are issued. They are for reference and AV CENTER may not be held liable for any errors in the manufacturer’s materials.

Complaints and defects

AV CENTER provides a 12-month warranty period on delivered products and installations unless otherwise stated in writing in the offer/order confirmation. It is assumed in all cases that customers have exercised their obligation pursuant to the general principles of Danish law to inspect the product upon delivery. A warranty period of 3 months after installation is provided for spare parts/replacement products. In case of defects for which complaint is filed on time, cf. the regulations above, AV CENTER will, within reasonable time and of its own choice, either repair or replace the product. Expenses for dismantling of products and transport to AV CENTER must be covered by the customer. This applies also to return shipping and possible re-installation. If the customer has filed a complaint for a defect which turns out not to be attributable to the product or AV CENTER´s installation, AV CENTER reserves the right to invoice actual troubleshooting and debugging expenses.

Manufacturer’s guarantee

If a product is subject to a manufacturer’s guarantee which extends beyond the 12-month’s guarantee period, it will be transferred to the customer. All projectors are delivered by AV CENTER with a lamp hour guarantee of 500 hours or 3 months (whichever occurs first). If the manufacturer’s guarantee extends beyond this, it will be transferred to the customer as well. Expenses associated with delivering the product to the manufacturer must be covered by the customer. This applies also to dismantling, transport, freight costs, return shipping, handling and reinstallation.

Service agreements

AV CENTER offers servicing agreements for all deliveries, which in addition to services also cover the customer’s expenses in connection with complaint or warranty cases. The service fee and conditions can be found in the offer/order confirmation.

Force majeure

The parties are not liable for non-compliance if it is due to circumstances which could not have been foreseen at the time of entering into the agreement, including but not limited to strike and lockout, orders by authorities, import and export restrictions, incomplete or inadequate deliveries by subcontractors, etc. If a party wishes to invoke force majeure, this must be done as soon as the circumstance occurs, when it has or should have been discovered that the circumstance affects the delivery. If the force majeure situation postpones the delivery by more than 8 weeks, each party may cancel the agreement by a written notice. None of the parties may raise claims towards the other party in this connection.

Liability for damages

AV CENTER may not be held liable for equipment or property damages or personal injuries, nor for operating loss as a result of faults, flaws or defects in the delivered product. The customer may not terminate the purchase on account of faults or damages, nor claim a proportionate discount, new delivery or fully or partially withhold payment.


Each disagreement between the parties shall be settled by a court of law according to Danish law.

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