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Lease Terms (in English)

Afsnit i artiklen

Rent is calculated based on the prices established by the Lessor at any time. The period for which the equipment is leased is referred to as the “lease period”, which is understood as the period during which the equipment has been away from the Lessor’s shop and disposal, in accordance with the Lease Agreement. It must be noted that the shortest lease period is 1 day. The day when the equipment leaves the shop shall be regarded as the first lease day. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, in connection with returns, the date of return is also considered to be a lease day (first lease day), provided that the leased property is returned after 11 am on that day.

Unless otherwise agreed, the leased equipment shall be picked up from one of AV CENTER’s addresses. Transportation, setup and collection are billed separately.

When we lease equipment, we reserve the right to claim that you pay a deposit for the equipment as well as produce a valid ID.

Unless otherwise agreed in advance, rent is paid on the return of the equipment.

The leased equipment may not be subleased or loaned without AV CENTER’s prior written consent.

Prior reservation of equipment is subject to the on-time return of the equipment by the previous Lessee. The Lessor is entitled to replace any reserved equipment with other equipment with the same functions without giving the Lessee separate notification of this.

All equipment is inspected prior to delivery, and we assume no liability for any faults, losses and other expenses incurred in connection with or as a result of malfunctions.

When it is returned, the delivered equipment shall be in the same condition as it was on delivery.

The leased equipment shall be insured. Insurance expenses are charged automatically at 6% of the gross amount of the rent. Notice of damage, if any, shall be given to the Lessor at once. Where the case concerns theft or vandalism, notice shall also be given to the police. The insurance covers, among other things, fire, theft, water damage, vandalism, transport damages, etc.

The Lessee himself is responsible for the following types of damage:
A. Theft from open or unlocked motor vehicles
B. Forgotten, lost or misplaced equipment as well as other any other loss, for which it is not possible to prove the time and cause of damage
C. Loose cables, wires or missing bulbs
D. Gross negligence, insofar as it can be ascribed to the Lessee or the respective employee in charge of the Lessee;
E. Basic theft
F. Scratched screens
G. Lost receivers for the interpreter/voting systems

An excess of DKK 2,500.00 per damage shall apply to all types of damage.

Unless otherwise agreed in advance, when equipment is exported out of the country, the Lessee shall attend to the insurance of the equipment himself. In connection with exports, we reserve the right to demand to be presented with a valid insurance policy.

Under no circumstances may the Lessee, in person or via third parties, seek to make interventions in the leased property, including undertake any attempts at repairs or servicing.

Where an agreed lease period is not met by the Lessee, the Lessor is entitled to pick up the leased property without notice. The same applies if the Lessee otherwise commits a material breach of the Agreement, for example, by failing to make a rent payment at the agreed time. Breach that entitles to early collection as above also includes enforcement proceedings, bankruptcy or another form of suspension of payments affecting the Lessee.

Lease of equipment may only be cancelled with AV CENTER’s consent, and AV CENTER reserves the right to demand that all losses that may arise as a result of the cancellation of the Lease Agreement by the Lessee be covered by the Lessee.

A. Cancelation later than 30 days before start date, the tenant will be charged 25% of the total contract amount
B. Cancelation later than 14 days before start date, the tenant will be charged 50% of the total contract amount
C. Cancelation later than 7 days before start date, the tenant will be charged 75% of the total contract amount
D. Cancelation later than 2 days before start date, the tenant will be charged 100% of the total contract amount

With reservations for regular force majeure circumstances in connection with agreements, including industrial dispute, sickness and breach of contractual agreements by third parties.

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